Theoretical Tech


Theoretical Technologies is a technology service and product company that produces the upmost quality. We always build our clients' systems from complete scratch, to ensure perfection. Before building for our clients, we also help them expand their system vision. We do this to make sure our clients get the absolute most from their product.

We are a Michigan based company, however we take clients all throughout the United States. Also, there is no "middle man" involved in our operation, it’s just us. Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced experts. Collectively, our combined experience is more than 30 years. We are very serious and passionate about technology. We take great care in every system, brand, or marketing strategy we develop, for our clients. Whatever we create, we want it to reach it's fullest potential.

Theoretical Technologies is also 100% customer service driven. If our clients are even slightly unhappy with a project, we consider it a complete failure. The basis of all our projects is client fulfillment. Any problem a client has, we always address it the day of. Our clients concerns, are our top-priority. Also, we bring results fast. Time is the only thing that really matters.

At our core, we our a team of technology artists. We love to build. We love to brand. Our passion for technology, comes from the heart. We see what is really possible. We all deeply love what we do, so we always make sure to do it perfect.