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Have an idea for a desktop software product? We can make your software vision become a reality. All desktop software we make is from scratch, and designed to perfection. We generally like to make software products in Java. That way your product can be used on all desktop platforms. However, sometimes you want your product to specifically target an Operating System. If your business only needs to target OS X users, we will build your vision in Swift or Objective-C. If your product only needs to target Windows users, we will build it in C#.

This service comes with free hosting for all web files needed for the software product. This hosting is provided for however long you sell the product. This is a beautiful benefit to have. A commercial software product can have any number of users from around the world. This means the web files could be requested very often. This service takes the hosting stress entirely from you. All of our servers are extremely secure. Not only in terms of software, our servers are also monitored 24-7 at our private location.

This software service also comes with professional photography. The first 100 photos are entirely free and will not be factored in the price. We our experienced photographers, and our skills combined with our high-tech equipment, will capture the perfect photo. Yet another benefit, unlike many development companies that make you pay a regular fee to sell your software product, we only charge you once. Pay once, sell for life.

Besides the function of your product, the brand is the most important aspect of it. We will make sure your product has a personality, a unique feel, and a memorable impression. We are branding experts. We always build in, a one of a kind flavor in every software product we produce. The most critical part of any brand, is it's logo. The logo we will design for you, will not only be unforgettable, but have a rare specialness to it. Branding is a form of art. A brand is like a painting or a song. The logo of a product, like a song's chorus, creates it's signature.

In addition to building your product, we will also help your business expand the concept of it. We will make sure your product is as innovate as possible. The possibilities for it do not have a limit. Our abilities don't have bounds. We can truly make you anything. So what do you want your desktop product to be? Also, this service is universal. It doesn't matter if your a big business or an entrepreneur with your next big idea, we can help you. Let us know what your business needs. Simply add this service to your cart and fill out a quick form. We will contact you within 48 hours, to set up a meeting.

Market Penetration

Your software product idea, more than likely is not new to it's market. You may be asking your associates, "How can we enter the market in a meaningful, immense way?". Remember, we already greatly help you expand the concept of your product, to insure there won't be anything else like it. However, if you wish to seek our marketing expertise in order to reach multiple large audiences, check out our Internet Marketing and Social Media service. This service uses multiple private technologies, that we built, as well as social media to expose your product to the world.