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Have an idea for an app that you want to sell on the Google Play Store? With this service, we bring your app idea to life. We can build your Android app to no end, it does not matter the intricacy. Every product we make is built from scratch, tailored to your vision. We even assist you in expanding the concept of your app. Also, you may not be familiar with how to get your app on the Google Play Store. No worries though, we take care of that entirely for you! In addition, we can even deploy your app on multiple other Android app distributers. For example, the Amazon Appstore, Aptoide, GetJar, SlideME, as well as others. We want to deploy your app on as many secure stores as possible, in order to increase sales of your product.

This software service also comes with professional photography. The first 100 photos are entirely free and will not be factored in the price. Also, unlike many development companies that make you pay a regular fee to sell your Android product, we only charge you once. Pay once, sell for life.

When we build a commercial product, a large part of our focus goes to developing the brand. We love making personalities for products. Besides the function of the product, the brand is the most important aspect. Three vultures we always embed in every brand are, memorability, uniqueness, and beauty. We are experts in creating a brand culture, that sticks with a large user base. Let us build your product, and paint it's brand. We only paint picassos.

This service comes with free hosting for all web files needed for the app. This hosting is provided for however long you sell the app. This is a beautiful benefit to have. A commercial app can have any number of users from around the world. This means the web files could be requested very often. This service takes the hosting stress entirely from you. All of our servers are extremely secure. Not only in terms of software, our servers are also monitored 24-7 at our private location. Let us know what your business needs. Simply add this service to your cart and fill out a quick form. We will contact you within 48 hours, to set up a meeting.

Market Penetration

Your app idea, more than likely is not new to it's market. You may be asking your associates, "How can we enter the market in a meaningful, immense way?". Remember, we already greatly help you expand the concept of your product, to insure there won't be anything else like it. However, if you wish to seek our marketing expertise in order to reach multiple large audiences, check out our Internet Marketing and Social Media service. This service uses multiple private technologies, that we built, as well as social media to expose your product to the world.